Thoughts about storage monitoring or monitoring or analysis?

I had a discussion about storage monitoring and analysis.

This discussion ended in the following understanding:

  • Monitoring with a simple product help you to understand when things go wrong.
    They show the symptoms but not the reasons.
    You will need to buy a second (more specialized) product when you want to go deeper and solve problems.
  • Monitoring with a specialized product will help you to understand when things go wrong and gives you methods which allow you to go deeper and understand the reasons for the problem.
    With this the monitoring with the specialized product is the starting point for problem analysis.

    It is best, when the product also can be used for analysis - otherwise you need a second one. here the difference between analysis and monitoring is just the technical depths the user is going into.
  • Analysis with a specialized product will give you the possibility to look into all the details to fix the problem
  • Analysis with a non specialized product is waste of time because it will not help.

So what is specialized and not specialized?

Non specialized monitoring products are all the sometimes very nice looking products which show you things like Node CPU, SCSI IO and SAN performance.
These are very general metrics which will only show symptoms.

Specialized monitoring products will also be able to give insights into things the caches and mdisks down to destaging or mdisk queue latencies. The go much deeper and show where the problem starts.

Here you should have the mixtures that both is possible. deep dive for the expert and overview for people with less deep knowledge. In the best case the specialized monitoring product gives the combination from monitoring and analysis.
Why buying 2 pieces of software when 1 can do all for you.

Non specialized analysis products is everything which is outdated oder only complex in usage without showing the technical depths.


My thinking: "BVQ is the best product to do monitoring and analysis for SVC / Storwize systems - try it out"


Send us a note if you want to test BVQ for monitoring and analysis


You will find many examples about Analysis here

BVQ use cases and experiences


This is an monitoring outlook into the new dashboard which will be available 1H15

Sneak preview BVQ dashboard will greatly enhance storage monitoring capabilities



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