The BVQ offline scanner collects information from IBM SVC or Storwize systems and puts it into a single zip file. The contained information consists of topology (configuration and runtime parameters), iostats (performance statistics), event- and audit-logs.

Topology and performance files include the names of volumes, mdisks, pools, hosts, etc. from the scanned system.

The zip file can be extracted for analysis purposes prior sending it to SVA. The transmission of the offline scanner zip file is encrypted by a https connection, when sending it via SVA Sharefile.


Data residing on a volume is not included in the collected data. Only the configuration and performance including the object names within is collected.

ZIP file content

The collected file types are .xml, .json, .properties, .log & .txt (the iostat files are the raw files coming from SVC/Storwize, but indeed these are XML files too with no filetype extension).
All Files can be opened with a Text editor (notepad(++), etc.) for checking the content.


  • BVQ Offline scanner zip file (bvq_offline_scan_%CLUSTER_NAME%(%CLUSTER_ALIAS_ID%)
    • event
      • new
        • *_audits.xml
        • *_events.xml
    • iostats
      • new
        • YYYY-MM-DD_hh_mm_ss
          • Nd_*
          • Nm_*
          • Nn_*
          • Nv_*
        • cluster_id.txt
    • logs
      • *.log
    • topology
      • new
          • *.json
          • *.properties
    • lssystem.txt
    • version.txt

File types




contains the output of SVC/Storwize command catauditlog - (warning) User names are part of this output

 *_events.xmlxmlcontains the output of SVC/Storwize command lseventlog



contains the performance statistics (iostats) for drive/disk components per node




contains the performance statistics (iostats) for managed disks (mdisks) per node




contains the performance statistics (iostats) for node components per node




contains the performance statistics (iostats) for volume (vdisk) components per node

 vdisk_id_uid.propertiesproperties (txt)contains a mapping table of SVC/Storwize vdisk ID & UID of all volumes in the cluster
\iostats\new\cluster_id.txttxtcontains the idid_alias information of the lssystem command
\logs\*.loglog (txt)

log output of the offline scanner (connections, executed tasks, etc.) for the different tasks executed by the scanner

-info.log = info messages

-warn.log = warn messages

-error.log = error messages




contains the output of the invoked ls* commands on the SVC/Storwize - see Invoked commands - each command output is a single json file

 *.propertiesproperties (txt)contains BVQ version and scan property information



contains the output of SVC/Storwize command lssystem - (warning) Contact & address information is part of this output

 version.txttxtcontains the version of the BVQ offline scanner used for the scan

iostats: see for further information (SVC/Storwize version 7.8.x)

Invoked commands

These are the commands the offline scanner invokes on the SVC/Storwize system

svcinfo lsarraysvcinfo lshostvdiskmapsvcinfo lsquorum
svcinfo lsarraymembersvcinfo lsiogrpsvcinfo lsrcconsistgrp
svcinfo lsarraymembergoalssvcinfo lsiscsiauthsvcinfo lsrcrelationship
svcinfo lsclusteripsvcinfo lsiscsistorageportsvcinfo lsrcrelationshipcandidate
svcinfo lscontrollersvcinfo lsldapsvcinfo lsroute
svcinfo lscurrentusersvcinfo lsldapserversvcinfo lssasfabric
svcinfo lsdrivesvcinfo lslicensesvcinfo lssasportcandidate
svcinfo lsdriveclasssvcinfo lsmdisksvcinfo lssecurity
svcinfo lsemailserversvcinfo lsmdiskcandidatesvcinfo lssite
svcinfo lsenclosuresvcinfo lsmdiskgrpsvcinfo lssnmpserver
svcinfo lsenclosurebatterysvcinfo lsmetadatavdisksvcinfo lssyslogserver
svcinfo lsenclosurecanistersvcinfo lsmigratesvcinfo lssystem
svcinfo lsenclosurefanmodulesvcinfo lsnodesvcinfo lssystemip
svcinfo lsenclosurepsusvcinfo lsnodebootdrivesvcinfo lstargetportfc
svcinfo lsencryptionsvcinfo lsnodehwsvcinfo lsthrottle
svcinfo lsfabricsvcinfo lsnodevpdsvcinfo lsupdate
svcinfo lsfcconsistgrpsvcinfo lspartnershipsvcinfo lsuser
svcinfo lsfcmapsvcinfo lspartnershipcandidatesvcinfo lsusergrp
svcinfo lsfcmapcandidatesvcinfo lsportfcsvcinfo lsvdisk
svcinfo lsfcportcandidatesvcinfo lsportipsvcinfo lsvdiskaccess
svcinfo lsfeaturesvcinfo lsportsassvcinfo lsvdiskanalysis
svcinfo lshostsvcinfo lsportusbsvcinfo lsvdiskcopy
svctask cpdumps

svctask cpdumps is used to copy iostat files from non-config nodes to the config node of the cluster. This command needs administrative rights to be executed, therefore the credentials used to connect to the cluster need to be in the Administrator group.

The gathered performance data (iostat) is copied via SCP (Secure Copy) from the cluster to the offline scanner. Other connections (topology, events, etc.) are established via SSH.

Example output

You can download an example offline scanner zip file here to check the contents by yourself.

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