With previous versions of BVQ it was difficult to simulate what would happen if an MDisk group had more or less IO density.

The introduction of a "Design IO density" for MDisk groups and Storage class simplifies this simulation.


"Design IO density" (DIOd) co-exists with the already existing "Estimated IO density" (EIOd). While the latter is derived from IO density configured per BVQ Disk Array, the first one is configurable per MDisk group.

Analogue to "Default Design Response Time", a "Default Design IO density" (DDIOd) can be configured per Storage Class. If this Storage Class is defined for the MDisk group, DDIOd is automatically transfered to it as DIOd.


DIOd values can be added and modified using the MDisk group editor:



Or you can define DDIOd in the Storage Class editor:



Multiple DIOd related values and calculations can be displayed in the table views:



The new DIOd parameter is also reflected in the Object Coloring: In addition to the existing EIOd coloring, DIOd can also be displayed using the same coloring rules.


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