BVQ Server now has a maintenance mode which is started if essential information that prevents BVQ from operating is missing.

An administrative user is required to login to the server at http://<bvq_server_address> and perform the relevant steps.


The following circumstances trigger BVQ server maintenance mode:

  1. First time installation
  2. Java version not supported
  3. Schema level not compatible with current DB version
  4. BVQ scheduler not (yet) configured
  5. BVQ license not installed, expired or invalid



Once logged in, the navigation panel on the left shows you which corrective actions need to be taken. Those items are marked with (error).


Although you will be automatically directed to the first item requiring action ((error)), you can review the other ones ((tick))as well.




Once all steps are completed, BVQ server will leave maintenance mode and restart the server in normal operation.






The regular server start might take some minutes so don't be scared if the server login page isn't available immediately.


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